Orange Beach, AL: A Visitors Guide

Orange Beach Bridge at Sunset

Orange Beach is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and scenes in the world. Likewise, it is known for excellent temperatures, enjoying anywhere from low to mid-’60s in the winter and mid to high 80’s in the summer.

Orange Beach Rentals

Reaching Orange Beach is easy. You can take taxis and shuttle rides right from the airport or drive yourself from the I-10, Highway 98 and I-65. The fastest way is to use the Beach Express toll bridge from the I-10.

What Every Visitor Should Know about Orange Beach

Orange Beach is a premier vacation spot because of its ideal temperature, great access, and endless possibilities. Whether you are here for swimming, restaurants, or even a wedding, it is an ideal year-round destination.

Here is a sampling of what you can do at Orange Beach:

  • Take the Backcountry Trail: The Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail is perfect for a long, peaceful walk, bike ride, and outside expedition.
  • The Wharf: The Wharf at Orange Beach is home to one of the largest Ferris wheels in the Southeast, zip line tours, and more. You can shop, eat, and even catch a live performance at the Wharf Amphitheater.
  • Fishing: Orange Beach is known for great fishing along the coast as well as during fishing charter tours. You will need to buy a fishing license through the city’s website before your vacation, but most fishing charter services can help you procure those as well.
  • Beaches: Enjoy the sandy beaches of the area including Romar Beach, the Cotton Bayou, and the Alabama Point East-A beaches.
  • Water Activities: Orange Beach is a premier water destination that includes diving, boating tours, jet skiing, kayaking, and even snorkeling trips.
  • Annual Festivals: Don’t forget to look up the festivals happening year-round in Orange Beach. You can keep an eye on the Gulf vacation events calendar to see what might be going on during your trip.

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