Gulf Shores Weather

A vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama is exciting! You’re ready to book your vacation rental and need to get packed. But first, it might help to know about Gulf Shores weather when planning a vacation here. After all, you want to know when to visit, what to pack, and how to get the most out of your vacation.

The Best Time to visit Gulf Shores

Sitting on the coast, Gulf Shores does see its fair share of cloudy days, but that does not mean you will have only rain while you are here. Summer and fall are quite pleasant, and you can even visit in the winter depending on what you want to do while you are here.
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average High 63 66 71 76 83 89 90 90 87 80 71 66
Average Low 42 46 51 57 64 73 74 74 70 59 48 47

If you know which season is right for your trip, book a vacation rental while they are available. Browse our available properties and book one that’s perfect for you and the whole family.

A quick guide to Gulf Shores weather so that you can plan your vacation:
Gulf Shores AL beach in Winter

January – March: At the start of the year, you can expect temperatures to average 60 degrees F as the high and 40 degrees F as the low. Temperatures steadily climb from January into March. By March, you can expect an average high of 70 degrees and a low just under 50 degrees. If you are coming in January, pack a heavier jacket, but if you are coming in March, a windbreaker often does the job just fine.

spring break weather in gulf shores alabama
April – June: From April to June, temperatures continue to climb. In April, the average high is 77 degrees, while the average low is 55. However, by June, you are up to 90 degrees as your average high and 70 degrees as the average low. Temperatures are favorable at this time of the year, but bringing a light jacket along and of course, your swimwear is a good idea. If you are visiting April through May, the sea temperature is still quite chilly, so you might bring along gear to soak up the sun on the beach rather than actually swim in the water.

July – September: July has an average of over 90 degrees and a low in the 70’s, but as you enter September, temperatures drop just slightly – staying in the 80s as an average high and 60’s as your average low. Surprisingly, July is the most substantial season for rain on average, but the temperatures are warm enough that a few drops will not ruin your vacation. July and August are when the ocean’s temperatures are best, averaging 85 degrees and slowly decreasing as time goes on. You may want to bring along an umbrella if visiting in July, but you will only need jackets late at night when the breeze picks up off the ocean.

October – December: Fall and into winter are surprisingly warm. In October, temperatures average 70’s as the high, while by December you have mid to low-60’s as your average high temperature and low is in the 40’s. October sees the most moderate rainfall on average, and with the ideal temperatures, it is a good time to visit if you plan to get outdoors and soak up the sights. A light to heavy jacket for the evening and on stormy days is a must, as the breeze kicks up around this time of the year and can make it feel colder than it really is.

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